AMPLIFIED STORIES: Real experiences from real people.
The term sexual violence is often used interchangeably with sexual assault. While sexual assault is most certainly a form of sexual violence, the continuum of sexual violence encompasses a far wider range of acts. The acts all contribute to ways our culture perpetuates and excuses sexual violence— from street harassment to sexist jokes, tactics used to blame victims of sexual violence, to the very language used to keep this continuum hidden in plain sight.  

Through this continuum’s lens, it’s easy to see sexual violence impacts each and every one of us.
We all have experiences somewhere on the continuum of sexual violence.

Perpetrators of sexual violence depend on all of us to keep quiet. This is a platform to share your story with others. In the coming weeks KCSARC will publish and amplify stories via the KCSARC blog, Facebook, and Instagram.
Shared experiences hold the power to validate, heal and change. We have frequently received requests from survivors for a space to share.

If you already know what you’d like to share, click the "CONTINUE" button and scroll down to the free write area.

If you are not quite sure where to start or how to frame what you want to share, we’ve provided a few prompts to read, ponder, use, or scroll past. And if writing doesn’t fit, please scroll down to the visual communication section – where you can upload an image or artwork of your choice.

This is a safe space. If you feel unsafe, need support, or need to talk, please call our 24-Hour Resource Line: 1.888.99.VOICE (1.888.998.6423).

Think about the elements necessary for consent. Share an experience where your consent was violated.

Or, if you would rather free write without prompts, scroll to question 7.
Share an experience when you or someone you know was indirectly or directly blamed for sexual violence.

Share an experience where boundaries were ignored.

Explore a phrase or words about sexual violence that deeply resonated with you.

Share an experience where language was used to minimize sexual violence.

Share an experience where you were concerned about the physical safety of yourself or someone else.

FREE WRITE: Share other experiences of sexual violence you want others to know about.

I allow KCSARC permission to publish all or part of my submitted stories. *

KCSARC may publish all or part of submitted stories on our website, Facebook, or Instagram. KCSARC may edit submissions for clarity and length. Every effort will be made to ensure the integrity and essence of the submission.

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KCSARC is currently planning community pop up events for the first week of February to continue amplifying survivor stories. Please check this box if you would like to receive more information regarding the events and participation opportunities.
Thank you for taking the time to share your story. Shared experiences hold the power to validate, heal and change.

Please take a moment to think about what it felt like to share your story. What are one or two words that describe this feeling? KCSARC will bring theses collected words to upcoming pop up events. *

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